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Enthusiast Gear Puppy Paws Pet Repellent Mat - Non Electric Cat & Dog Deterrent Mat - Keeps the Paws Off the Furniture!

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  • SAFE FOR CATS & DOGS - Our non-electric pet repeller mat does not shock your pet.
  • KEEPS PETS OFF YOUR VALUABLE FURNITURE - One side of the mat features a foil-like Mylar film that deters pets with its noisy "crinkle" sound.
  • ANOTHER QUALITY E-GEAR PRODUCT - The other side of the mat features a soft, non-woven polyester fabric. High Quality, Durability, and all with a touch of style.
  • PERFECT SIZE & EASY TO STORE - Our large 56" x 72" mat will cover most chairs, sofas and beds. And then easily folds up and can be tucked away in the closet for quick storage.